About us

What is Visa Health Center?

Visa Health Center is comprehensive

Visa Health Center is a physician-led team of providers who deliver comprehensive primary care. We deliver the care you need when you’re not feeling well and also can help you find lifestyle solutions that make sense for you.

Visa Health Center is seamless

We connect and integrate every aspect of how we work and what you experience to make it seamless. Everyone on your team works from the same information, so your care is coordinated.

Visa Health Center is accessible

With online scheduling, secure messaging to your care team and 24/7 access to your physician, we make getting better and being well simple.

Visa Health Center is forward looking

Health care wherever, whenever, like everything else in your life. When you join, you’ll be able to use our mobile app to access the many features of Visa Health Center.

Visa Health Center is inspiring

We celebrate your successes. We work hard to build a relationship with you that motivates you to take the next step to good health.

Visa Health Center is yours

You don’t visit Visa Health Center. You join.


It’s more than healthcare. It’s your health.

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It’s more than healthcare. It’s our cause.

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We are partnering with Crossover Health to provide you with an uplifting and engaging experience so you have all you need to stay well. Our team of health experts from different backgrounds is ready to serve you and your unique needs. Meet our team here.

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See for yourself what belonging to great healthcare can do for you.